Divyamritham is a highly effective Ayurvedic Medicine for sexual debility and infertility of both sexes. Divyamritham rejuvenates and induces dynamism and tremendous energy. It helps to improve strength and physical stamina, intelligence, memory and appearance. This medicine is formulated from rare and potential ayurvedic ingredients in tune with our ancient ayurvedic manuscripts. Divyamritham is absolutely free from any side effects and it's consumption doesn't demand any dietary restriction. It gives pleasant life for married, unmarried and middle aged people. This is a right quality patent product from a reputed ayurvedic firm holding GMP approved from Govt. of India.

A health tonic for men and women.
Improve vigour and vitality.
Two teaspoon full twice a day after meals morning and evening.
Single course:
A minimum of 4 bottles to be taken.